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The Furtive 50 is the annual vote on to decide the top tunes of the year.

Here is a grooveshark playlist based on some of the suggestions entered there:

Furtive 50 by Radio F.C. on Grooveshark

Jay Strongman Warehouse Mix

This is one for all you fans of soul, funk and hip hop. The mix was shared out by those wonderful people at  It was put together by Jay Strongman and is available as a free CD for a limited time only with the book Catch The Beat which is available to order here.

You can listen to it now on mixcloud:

  1. T-Ski Valley - Catch The Beat
  2. Steinski & Double Dee - Lesson 2
  3. 5 Star Moet - Let Me Love You
  4. Luna Funk - Mr Penguin
  5. Man Parrish - Hip Hop - Be Bop
  6. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
  7. Reiben Wilson - Got To Get Your Own
  8. Sugar Bear - Dont Scandalise Mine
  9. James Brown - Give It Up Turnit Loose
  10. Coldcut - Say Kids What Time Is It
  11. Mac Attack - Art Of Drums
  12. Sir Joe Quarterman & The Free Soul - I Got So Much Trouble
  13. Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju - Every Way But Loose
  14. Grandmaster Flash - Superrappin
  15. Hashim - Al-Naafyish (The Soul)
  16. Mikey D & Master Jay - Ready To Rock